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SHOEI z-7 series
暫時加入待購清單 暫時加入待購清單
Color: Photochromic
Shield colors in sunlight change.
Shield dimming to soften the glare of strong sunlight "CWR-1 PhotoBlackMick"

"CWR-1 PhotoBlackMick" Is colored by the ultraviolet light hits, in the amount of ultraviolet light, such as during cloudy weather and the sun is low early morning or evening is less environment, is Shield in which the concentration is reduced. (The color of the Shield does not change instantaneously. )

● PhotoBlackMickShield is, has the ability to color development by ultraviolet light hits.
In cloudy weather and the sun is low early in the morning or at dusk amount of ultraviolet light is small environment, such as, the brighter.

● depth of the color temperature, weather, UV dose, Quantity in riding posture : Pair (for Left and Right) It will be.

● In the low temperature in winter, generally darker in color than the summer, will take a long time to fade.
It will be more darker under the strong ultraviolet rays.

● due to the effects of moisture and ultraviolet rays, there are times when the color tone of the change occurs.

● Depending on the type of light source may striped pattern of light and dark can be seen, but this is not a malfunction.

● color performance will gradually decrease in performance is due to misuse.
Or so it takes time to color over time, there is the concentration of the color may become thinner.
If such a new SHOEI Transitions (R) Please replace the PhotoBlackMickShield.
* Those naturally performance in your process is deteriorated, not a compensation target.

● If you want to wash, 40-Degrees or more of hot water and salt water, acid and Alkali of the detergent, Cleaner, including the organic solvent is not used, please use a mild detergent and water.

● Please keep in the place where the light is shut off when not in use.

Motorcycle for Helmet shield "SHOEI of magic that change color : CWR-1PhotoBlackMickShield " [Webike TV] ↓

Items introduced to help Night run feature! Touring and Night run at night run! Motorcycle! [Webike TV] ↓
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