Super street 電盤套件

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HONDA GORILLA [Gorilla] 12V (Z50J-2000001-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
HONDA MONKEY [Monkey] 12V (Z50J-2000001-/AB27-1000001-1899999)


暫時加入待購清單 暫時加入待購清單
Size: Outer Diameter 88mm/Inner Diameter 77mm
Weight: 536g

■ Details
Ease-of-use of the SP Takekawa made Rotor
Super street - Outer Rotor Kit, unlike the generally commercially available lightweight pursued only to have high output Outer Rotor and the STREET awkward Inner rotor, without sacrificing such as lamp performance, a balance of riding ease and performance Up been developed to think of it, it will be able to widely use different to all of the User of traveling Style and Tuning.

Point of SP Takekawa made Rotor
RotorBody adopts the Flywheel of MediumSize which is about 50% lighter NORMAL ratio, while reducing the burden on the Crankshaft, it has realized the ride easy and sufficient generating capacity. Further review the Position of the Pickup, set the optimum ignition Timing corresponding to a variety of SP Takekawa made Bore Up Kit, it has enabled the high output performance and Response.

Lightweight Outer Rotor Kit which adopted the Class top Large class CoilSize
For NORMAL1 groups the ignition Coil, the primary-side voltage can be equipped with 2 groups about NORMAL ratio of 1. Been enhanced to 5 times, it raises the high ignition Energy at high rpm. Lamplight, charging Coil will give priority to the AC power output to use, such as Headlight with be equipped with four, you can keep the lights kind to NORMAL similar brightness. In addition, we are enabling the charging Level that is required in order to compensate for the consumption component in the running the output of the charging DC power supply.

Easy installation that does not require processing or additional Parts
Third-party Outer Rotor Kit, there is Parts changes, such as Wiring processing and dedicated Ignition coil, there are times when the mounting is cumbersome.
SP Takekawa made Outer Rotor Kit is a simple attachment of the only replace the NORMALWiring, it does not require tedious work.

■ Comparison of Normal rotor and SP Takekawa made Rotor

- Normal rotor (Manufactured by DENSO)
Rotor outside diameter : 110mm
Rotor inner diameter : 87mm
weight : 1017g

- SP Takekawa made Rotor
Rotor outside diameter : 88mm
Rotor inner diameter : 77mm
weight : 536g

*It requires flywheel puller when removing the standard rotor.

Instruction ManualPDF here(Open the * ManufacturerPDF. )
WEBCatalogue of SP Takekawa is here(Go to the * ManufacturerSite. )
(* Will be the contents of the time December 1, 2012. Some Spec. There might be and the price of change. )

* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.


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