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KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-14R (ZZR1400)

OVER RACING 腳踏後移套件 4點安裝位置

In putting Rear Sets into ZX - 14R I was worried a lot from selecting Manufacturer, but finally it settled on OVER made wI think Design is the best as a reason for choosing.This Design and Black color is very cool in 14R.Relar Sets are relatively popular, although Gold is often chosen as a fairly ga...


Double bubble is popular for Screen of Zero gravity, but I think this MARC 1 is the best in design!The resistance of the wind or rectification or wind blowing to the body may be good for Double bubble is taller but as far as using MARC 1 there is no discontent at high speed and there is no wind nois...

ACTIVE 無土除套件 / 附LED牌照燈

Considering mud splashes of rainy weather, I have not hesitated yet,I decided to use rainy weather so I bought it.Product accuracy is also Large and strange, everyone is listed, but installation takes about 30 minutes.Although there is no statement in the manual, the on-board tool installation Screw...

TANAX 整流罩後視鏡Lebra L

I purchased Napoleon's Cowling mirror Rib La.Although Ninia 400 was also listed in the installation example of Manufacturer, installation could be done without problems, "Shock through Joint" The influence of Hinge Department, there was a lot of difficulty in positioning it convincingl...

DUNLOP SPORTMAX GP Unbeaten-03 [120/70ZR17M/C (58W...

Impressions of running around the pass which goes as good as 100 km after replacement.There is no surface roughness and durability seems to be good.Grip has no problem at all.Absorbency of Shock is good, little push up.Handling is also straightforward, it turns well.My GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA first Dunl...

DUNLOP SPORTMAX α-14 Z [190/50ZR17MC (73W) TL...

It is not a petapeta that tends to be on High grip, but it is smoothly.Less surface roughness, Life seems to be permanent.Immediately after changing, it became an uphill, I had a feeling of incompatibility, but I got used to it sooner and I could go with it rather lightly.Flat 55 was recommended fro...


Old fashioned Fender Eliminator Kit. It is better not to have the trick of the time at Simple. I am satisfied with the price, but I would like to mention Lamp's Double-sided Tape fixing.

DAYTONA 引擎保護滑塊 (防倒球)

Parts I do not want to use as much as possible, but wear it with visual effects. Because the color scheme is plain, I thought about putting the enclosed sticker, but since StickerDesign is dasa, I could just wear it.

NGK 標準型火星塞 CR9EIA-9

I was mainly using Denso's Rib La, but since the plug used by OEM is NGK's Rib Ra, this time I changed this for plug replacement.In the test run after installation, there is no particular problem. OEM adopted Plug, so the sense of security at that point is Large Kika.The place where the desi...


It is Imagression of Rear tire which runs 6800 km after installation, though it seems to be comparable in urban area with many Stop & go because we are riding only in Touring Main in countryside or Touring..Installed on May 4, 2016When the depth of the groove at the time of new article is 5. 8mm...