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最多查看排名 477 車型在 KAWASAKI 126cc-250cc
Ninja 250 equipped with advanced technology derived from the race to a quality feeling beyond the scale of the quarter model.In the 2016 model, we changed the design of the instrument panel to improve the visibility, as well as renewing the coloring.Stylish and powerful full fairing, sharpened rear and tail.The assist & slipper clutch makes the operation feeling of the clutch lever light, making it possible to suppress hopping and slipping of the rear tire.A lightweight, slim diamond frame gains excellent strength, durability and rigidity balance.In addition, the front fork is a telescopic type boasting an inner tube diameter of 37 mm, which combines stability and comfort at various road conditions and speed ranges.Accessories such as single seat cover and smart bag are also enriched.It is made to be able to change the style according to the taste and use of the rider.The coloring of the 2017 model has prepared two colors of metallic spark black and candy plasma blue.
移位 248 發動機類型 Water-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 2-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
最大輸出(ps) 31ps(23kw)/11000rpm 最大扭矩(kgf / m) 2.1kg・m(21N・m)/8500rpm
車重(乾重) - 油箱容量 升 17

DENSO Iridium Power 銥合金火星塞 IU24

I used NGK's Iridium plugs which have different heat values ??so far.Because it was a single cylinder using about 10,000 kilometers, I was thinking about replacing it soon.Why you made it to DENSO is the price. It was simply easier than NGK, but the performance is outstanding.Engine rotation bec...

IRC PROTECH ROAD WINNER RX-01 [110/70-17 M/C 54S W...

17 in to WR 250 R. Use Spoke wheel to wear itIt is tolerant but has a shorter lifetime than other Manufacturer's TireSlideControl is easy to doIt is light when it is put on the Casting wheel, but the limit is low

BABYFACE 車架滑塊(防倒球)

Although it is a well-made item, when attaching Cowl, scratches are easily entered on the side of Cowl by contact with the Gold portion of the product.The easy-to-enter part is the curved upper part of the connection part, opening part.If it is terrible it may be ground to the ground.Large scratches...


When Pannier was first made into OBK 37 of GIVI, it depends on having become the top case. As one key cylinder for one key comes with Pannier, I exchange it and am enjoying AdventureStyle. Since there are many Rivet, it may flood a little if the rain is strong. I do not care much about the weight, b...


Since I can not do the installation on my own, my acquaintance did it.As I looked at the other imprints and took off the items from the OEM there was a thing called Large strange so I prepared a high-fever Dryer, but it ended quickly without using it.Because I have not run long distances yet - - -Al...

ZETA CP可潰式離合器拉桿

Unlike general Retractable Lever, there is no Hinge in the middle of Lever, it looks refreshing and it is SMART.You can adjust the Lever position in a stepless manner, and it is a Just fit at my favorite position.If I had only ordered, I wanted Color's choice. Since Brake lever is Black, Quantit...

DAYTONA Golden pad 煞車來令片

It is clearly more effective than the OEM when you use it with Circuit, and Control property is almost the same. I think it depends on Tire, but I think that compatibility with BS S20 Evo is very good. We do not know well because aggressiveness to Life and Rotor is just beginning to use.


I chose to think of Life, but there is a feeling of grip that is similar to that of High grip tire.It should be noted that Grip on rainy day !!High grip tire is a bit uneasy on rainy days,I feel Grip even at low temperature.It's a Tire that makes running and running fun.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) 鋁合金調整螺絲頭

Easy installation of a couple minutes on my Honda monkey. This is an excellent finish of my FCR28 downdraft carburator.


I think that there is nothing to build, shape, distortion, etc..Just a little abrasion (Car wash scratches or scratch-like feel) It is regrettable that there was a kind of scratch with some sort of liquid medicine like something like White or Dullness.I used it as it is because there is no problem i...