4cm Long Swingarm (8-inches/with Bracket) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
符合: HONDA GORILLA [Gorilla] (Z50J-1300017-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • HONDA GORILLA [Gorilla] (Z50J-1300017-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • MONKEY [Monkey] BAJA
張貼 Mar 15, 2017

+4 Swing arm Takegawa

LUKAS (5)Australia

Bought this bad boy for my Gorilla, as it kept trying to buck me off! It fixed the problem fine and ...

Swingarm Triple Square G-Craft
  • KSR-1
張貼 Dec 29, 2016

High Accuracy & Light Weight & G...

Japan User(translated) (143091)Japan

First of all, I'm glad to hear that the installation accuracy is OK as I thought it was OEM.Howe...

Swingarm Triple Square G-Craft
符合: HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
  • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
張貼 Dec 24, 2016

Importance of Chain slider

Japan User(translated) (143091)Japan

Built and textured satisfaction. It is a shame that it is late Chain slider is lousy. It is only abo...