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TRV037 Separate Honeycomb Chest Protector RS Taichi
張貼 Feb 17, 2018

Firmly thick and very good

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I think that it is hard to convey in the photograph, but it is very thick and I think that it is more than enough as a function of Protection. Thailand It is cheap in Chest protector of Chi, but I do not feel pain at all when wearing. However, if Jacket's Size is perfect, it may be a bit tight like the Zipper will not shut up.

Wind Guard Protection Gloves ROUGH&ROAD
張貼 Feb 16, 2018

Thin and easy to use

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I bought it for use in moving in an urban area.Because my fingers are short, my fingers are left with L Size made by another company, but this was exactly Size.Windbreak performance is no problem as long as you are driving in an urban area around 10 degrees Celsius. Since there is no heat retention function, the handIt will get cold, but even if yo...

張貼 Feb 16, 2018

Heli TESIMODEL Exactly Shoes!

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

Recently, I bought an imported car called the helicopter TESIMODEL, but since I only owned Type Motorcycle so far called SUPER BIKE, the wheels do not match at all. It became fun to purchase all new things from Helmet to Shoes.Although Shoes of XPD has purchased several pairs, I've been patronizing but design is also quite comfortable to wear. ...

Mesh Riding Shoes GSM1053P GOLDWIN
張貼 Feb 14, 2018

Light Shoes

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

Honda's summer shoes that I used to date have been broken, so I made a new appearance.I bought it to SeasonOff, so I do not use it, but comfort is good.

Ride Tech Insole DFG
張貼 Feb 13, 2018

Not available

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I think Cushion quality is good.That's the only good point.Scale is written so as to Cut according to Size.It is only Length. What about the width?Since the width is rather broad, trying to put it in very common shoes does not enter.There is also thickness, so if you put it by force, sideways will rise.Or, I could not even put it in Boots.It...

[Closeout Item] Chest Protector [Special Price Item] Webike Motosports
張貼 Feb 12, 2018

I like Cospa.

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

Previously I was using Rough & Road's Chest protector, was the Rubber cord deteriorated? Even though I adjusted it, I got hanging around and did not fit into the body so I bought this item.There is only new, the feeling of Fit is the best, rather than 170 ~ 60? I feel slightly tight.It is an impression that I wear clothes because I wear it ...

Leather Gloves BATES
張貼 Feb 12, 2018

Used with the company Leather jacket, wh...

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I bought in design good, performance is a feeling I lost due to price, leather in Motorcycle, it is cool, but I am a Touring faction, there is no practicality, the 5000 yen KomineWINTER Gloves is Design If it is not good

[HRC] Grace Riders Jacket HONDA RIDING GEAR
張貼 Feb 11, 2018

Cospa good

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I thought it was Fake leather and bought it, it was close to genuine leather. Because it stiffs thicker than I expected, it would be better to quit those who want soft and light things.Design is also good, building is also solid and there is a sense of security. In short, it is regrettable that there are few Pocket and no Inner Pocket.

RSR042 DRYMASTER-X Compact Rain Suit RS Taichi
張貼 Feb 11, 2018

Superb !

Anonymous (1)Malaysia

All good :
- Fast shipping
- Nice & good packaging...

ETC Porch MF-4707 TANAX
張貼 Feb 11, 2018

Mistuba MSC - BE 700 E can be stored

Japan User(translated) (155914)Japan

I used it when I temporarily removed the Side bag which housed ETC.Although the MSC - BE 700 E was not listed in the correspondence list, it seemed to be tense numerically and it was perfect fitting in fact.Although it was generally satisfactory, it became a deduction that the claws of the attached Tie Wrap broke immediately.