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「CF POSH」從專業賽車CDI的開發、MONKEY專用的套件、在Custom領域涵蓋HARLEY DAVIDSON螺絲和螺帽等豐富的產品,CF POSH最大的目標是能成為頂尖的大型重型機車和迷你車零件第一品牌。

CF POSH Racing Super Battle C.D.I.

I happy to get this ,i feel that when I try to accelerate when am coursing is much better and my low end is improve speciealy when am up hill .

CF POSH Hitachi Type 白金組用 電容器

When the first generation PlatingMONKEY 36 years ago ran for about 1 hour Idling and Engine Su Top It thought that it must be aging of Condenser, but I was worried whether it will exist, but thanks fo...

CF POSH Digital Super Battle Professional 點火模組

I bought it for Custom related to Main key.As for running, it is a part that can enjoy the change, but I felt that it is particularly necessary for Normal engine.Although it was good that it was possi...

CF POSH 起動離合器外蓋墊片

I used it for LITTLE CUBwith Cell motor 4. Due to rainwater intruding into the Clutch cover due to forgetting to close the TMark confirmation hole of Flywheel of Clutch cover. I used disassembly clean...

CF POSH 可調式變速踏板

Purchased to fit the position of footpeg lowered with Racing position kit. Personally, my feet are Small so it may be a little longer.

CF POSH Racing 腳踏後移套件

When I defeated Motorcycle, I rubbed footpeg and because I was tall with OEM footpeg because it was too tall I installed footpeg to raise footpeg position because footpeg can not step on far.. I think...

CF POSH Low Profile 後視鏡

Looks really good on my 88 BROS. Also a fan of the blue tint mirror element.
Very attractive, minimalist look. Sturdy construction.
Only issue is the included bolt covers are easily lost.

CF POSH 競賽坐墊

Cowl is not made entirely by type, it is divided into several pieces and attached later. The seams are very dirty and you have to pateInstallation is like shaping not to be able to stick even if Cowl ...

CF POSH Digital Super Battle Professional C.D.I.

Digital Super Battle Professional CF POSH Part Number: 433460 Unfortunately, now the weather does not allow you to evaluate all the features of the device, but when connected to the Honda Lead AF 48 t...

CF POSH 高壓線用 號碼環

Especially it is not necessary, but do you feel like to shake Number?. That's why I tried putting this on the cheapest among similar items. There is no problem at all. Because the character is sma...

CF POSH 前齒盤 油封

I use it for CUB 50 and CRF 50, but it has been used for three years without leak.It is recommended because it is easy to purchase unlike ordering OEM.

CF POSH 定位銷組

It is not a part to be exchanged, but it was replaced when overhauled. There was somewhat anxiety about the accuracy, but there was no play and it was possible to install without any problems. Manufac...


I bought it to overhaul the Engine of GORILLA this time. It is very good because it is easier to understand and does not need more time to buy with Set than to purchase OEM Parts Number at Rose.


Purchased for MONKEY's EngineOH. Up to now I purchased an OEM Parts Number with Rose, but the price of this item is also less than I can buy Reasonable. I do not know if I try to use durability, b...


I bought Shift arm's Oil seal because it was supposed to be compatible with FI, but two Oil seal besides Shift arm can be used for FI but enter Shift arm because Size is Large. It was. I regret no...

CF POSH 氣門油封組

I bought this product because the engine of cd90 was falling down Oil I could have done it without difficulties but I thought that if the price was a bit cheaper it would not be a replacement for freq...

CF POSH 氣門油封組

Exchange the bellows SOLO IN port when processing it.Because it is called OEM equivalent or ARAI made, it is not OEM itself.I do not have the stock of OEM Parts Number anywhere, so I'm happy with ...


Please exchange the bottom of the waist in the Expose case.
Since the > Oil seal deteriorates, I recommend you to exchange the bottom of the waist if possible, if it is that of an Expose.

CF POSH 定位銷組

Since the Bore up of the APE was carried out this time, it purchased.
At the time of an Expose, since this Knock pin may have been unable to been taken, the bottom of waist was purchased.
Since the...


[Monitor] It exchanges, when decomposing the bottom of waist.
It was cheaper than purchasing the original manufacturer's product individually, and since it Gathered by a Set, it was saved.
Since qu...

CF POSH 騎士眼鏡 SA1340

It is inconvenient to carry because it is fairly large pattern even if folded. Because there is a little color, it does not go at night. There is some rattling in the Frame, but it is Level which does...

CF POSH 騎士眼鏡 2084

Appearance, a Fitting, a Design, and a Quality are also good and a price also thinks that it is handy.


I continued to purchase it in the 2015 edition..... Other Parts. Compared to Catalog of Supplies Manufacturer, Page Number. I think that it is considerably too high from the number of published produc...


In a usual Maintenance, although it is working using the cheap disposable Dustcloth of paper, since this Dustcloth out of which a Waste cannot come easily is more useful in the case of an engine Overh...


Although I think that a value stretches a part of this product in the case of a Maintenance of a 2012 Oil in play Motorcycle although it is a Dustcloth which is necessaries, compared with a cheap arti...


It purchased this time for an oil change and sprocket exchange. Although it was touch almost like a kitchen paper, since oil and dirt were sucked up firmly, it has been satisfied. Since it is this pri...

CF POSH 引擎支撐架

Since it is a product made from a stainless, it does not rust, and by attaching and removing, since it is easy, pure return can also be performed easily. extension of wiring of a tail or a blinker is ...


Since a dustcloth is exhausted at every maintenance, the towel etc. were used, but since consumption was intense, the paper dustcloth out of which KEBA does not come by thick to some extent was looked...

CF POSH 引擎支撐架

Attachment is also dramatically easy in the form where attach to the place (every two right and left) which took the pure carrier and where the carrier of the frame was attached, and it mounts a tail ...


Since the thick thing in which dustcloth cost does not become foolish, either, since the dustcloth is indispensable to maintenance of a motorcycle is expensive, when only the place and a few which may...

CF POSH 引擎支撐架

It equipped with the carrierless kit. Simplicity and the amateur of attachment are also about 5 minutes. Appearance also became good and disguised itself as the monkey which seems to be very quick.