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Ranked 50 of 1,711 brands   車身用包包・行李箱(尾箱)
(352 會員評論)

GOLDWIN releases riding items supported not only by Japanese but also Europeans. They are proud of a various lineups like the jackets, pants or gloves equipped with stylish design and function

GOLDWIN Mesh Riding Shoes GSM1053P

Summer has many opportunities to meet the rain surprisingly, so we did not purchase Shoes without Waterproof performance, but on a day trip - In Choi ride I also wanted a breathable Shoes and bought i...

GOLDWIN Gore-Tex(R) 多層冬季手套 GSM16650

By the Guard of the fingertip, coldness of the fingertip can be suppressed considerably even in severe winter time. On the other hand, Clutch operation and so on requires some accustomment depending o...

GOLDWIN Super Fit手套

It is necessary enough because it is town ride origin. It's cool with Mesh Ground and Exactly in my hands.The palm of the hand is made of non-slippery Material, and a thin Material has good Grip f...

GOLDWIN GWS EURO Air Master Jacket GSM12600

In the summer you may need All mesh, but it is one of the few Jackets that can be used almost from spring to autumn. As a Jacket to realize a comfortable touring in the season when the temperature cha...

GOLDWIN Euro Cyclone Jacket GSM22700

The weight of the outer jacket with the newly developed light weight protector equipment is written as weighing 75 g more than GSM 12600 air master \ 126,000. - Although it is expensive, I purchased i...

GOLDWIN 光電子頸部保暖套(長)

I covered the body to the shoulder mouth, so I thought it was warm and I bought it. Disappointed at seeing the real thing. Fabric is a thin Fleece degree. The wind does not hit directly, but regrettab...

GOLDWIN GWS Real Ride全天候外套 GSM12656

I wanted a new winter jacket, and I suffered a lot. After all, now Spec. There was Goldwin unified from top to bottom, so it was a correct answer for this Jacket which was a Sale item in New type. Thr...


I ran at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, I also attached the company's Inner Gloves, even if I tolerate my fingers in 5 hours, I was limited, after that I went to a restaurant and warmed for a...

GOLDWIN Wind Block外套

Riding in winter has a difficulty in mobility because it gets fucked up, so I wanted a Wear that avoids touching it without overlapping as much as possible.If you overlay Heat TECUnderwear and Turtle ...

GOLDWIN Multi冬季皮革手套

The lining boa is warmFor Bore, Size feels Small after a while.AlpineStar's RACING Gloves was J SST in M ??SizeI tried on this Gloves and made it OSize.I think that texture is also good and good G...

GOLDWIN 標準後座包 8

I bought a new Motorcycle replacement and loaded a little baggage. Until now I have used Goldwin's old Seat bag and Moto fizz made Seat bag, but Quantity : 2pc It is quite troublesome to fix to Se...

GOLDWIN 後座包 28

It is installed and used in NINJA 400R. Originally since the luggage does not enter at all Motorcycle, we did not buy souvenirs at Touring destination, but by buying this Back, we were able to enjoy t...


In the SS and STREETFIGHTER of Small Sana Tandem seat, when it comes to loading stably only with the Belt of Seat bag, it will naturally become a Small Seat bag, but among them 28 L of Large capacity ...


good point- Design Style of Motorcycle too much Design!- The installation also uses Mark, so it can be mounted very easily.Even if it rains it is safe as it has Rain cover. The color of Cover is fluor...

GOLDWIN X型安裝皮帶(束帶) 坐墊/馬鞍包用

This item was bought to stick to Seat when something suddenly becomes a package at the destination.Making is solid, but it is a difficulty to look a bit crappy.It was very useful when I shopped Large ...

GOLDWIN 運動型坐墊包14

I used the Type fixed with SIDE from XBand before, but I had to gap later if I did not devise, but the Sports shape seat bag was fixed from front and back in XBand, so the gap was suppressed.Capacity ...

GOLDWIN STD Side Bag 30 GSM17610

I was worried about the weight and overhang of the Hard Side Case, and because I was not able to make use of capacity, I changed the route to SoftSide bag.Although it is Goldwinbest recommended XBelt,...

GOLDWIN 旅行後行李包35

The one I am using now is full of eyes when I put in Rainwear ... so much souvenirs are not included (sweat) I bought it because I wanted Large eyes which can be used even for two nights. (Lol)Thanks ...


I was worried about Large again, but I decided on this because Motorcycle is SS, so I have not seen it even if it gets ass pushing, so in my case Rain, work clothes, nearly full of love wife boxed Tan...

GOLDWIN 後座包 10

About eight years, Seat bag of GW I was using, it seems to be still usable, but as it looks dirty, I decided to replace it.Although I tried examining other companies' products, I thought that ther...

GOLDWIN 把手套 GSM19659

I thought that I could not use it from the top of the OEMHand guard, but as expected, the Grip end became an obstacle to drilling and not to close the Zipper.Since it is different from the regular ins...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

Whether I'm going to Grip heater or HeaterGloves I'm lost Winter Gloves was a place I bought last winter, so purchase this Aero Cover. Since the product introduction was the same type as Z1000...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

【What made you decide the purchase?】Compared to other Handlebar Cover, Design is excellent. Also, since the top is made of Hard Material, I liked it as if I got a Speed ??out there, I felt like gettin...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

I bought it with reference to Impre, but as I got it, I was glad I could buy it. (??????) ?It is easy to put in and take out by hand, too much wind is not included, it is a good feeling. (^。^)Easy to ...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

It will be Han Cover that ultimately will arrive as a hand cold countermeasure. But, I'm awfully cool - - - What I thought I found this Aero Cover. With TRACER, you can not install it unless you r...