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Ranked 49 of 1,795 brands   車身用包包・行李箱(尾箱)
(382 會員評論)




[quality - Texture]Same as wearing feeling.[Performance - function]It is just Gore-Tex and there is a reasonable windproofness. Just because the coldness of midwinter can not be completely blocked, it...

GOLDWIN Gore-Tex(R) 多層冬季手套 GSM16650

The cold weather performance is a temperature of 1 to 2 ° C for about 30 minutes It is not as comfortable as the fingertips coming in due to town ride commuting to work..It may be more expensive at th...

GOLDWIN 光電子 長襪 GSM19656

It is crying in the cold of the limbs anyway this season. Until now, no matter how cold and cold it is, other than snowfall and freezing, I came on Motorcycle to freeze my limbs. However, I could not ...

GOLDWIN Wind Block腰部保暖套

It may be stretchy, but Velcro (Male side) Because it is divided into three places, it gaps during use. If it is Velcro of the length of the full width of the tip, there is no need for Gap. Sorry for ...

GOLDWIN 光電子內層手套

Because I was getting fuzzed by touching the Magic tape part on the other reviewI try not to touch as much as possible lolAs Inner Gloves I think that it is thin and warm.


I am wearing this item under Jeans.HeatTEC, this product, Jeans order.It will not be frozen in this if it is a movement in the city.However, because I have insufficient hem length, I must also use Leg...


Background to purchaseAlthough I was using Komine 's Neoprene Wrist Band until now, although it is Free Size, I searched for items that can cover the cuffs so I got to this product.Although electr...


It might be nice if you run down the road. When you get on high speed it will quickly cool down. Wonder if COSPA is not good ~. Next year may be to purchase another one.

GOLDWIN GVector 短靴

2017CB1100EX WaterproofBoots wanted to reduce luggage for Hokkaido TouringI wanted it! Because it was about 10,000 yen in summer before buying it immediately because it rained a lotIt was a correct an...

GOLDWIN 騎行日用背包 16

This time, I used it for Touring overnight. It is used after attaching it to RearSeat using BeltGSM 7303 B for Seat installation. To install on RearSeat it looks like this Back is better. Certainly 17...

GOLDWIN Sports 外形座墊包14 GSM17503【數量限定】

Personal preference, I think Seat bag suits you for Naked type.Even if you make a mistake, Top case does not suit your taste.One night's touring at CB 1300 SF and YBR 125 ED, Tank Bag alone is not...

GOLDWIN X型安裝皮帶(束帶) 坐墊/馬鞍包用

Purchased to attach Goldwin's Di PackGSM 17615 to RearSeat. Just remove RearSeat, place this Belt in X shape, attach RearSeat and install Di Pack with Panch Pacin. Afterwards if you adjust Belt...

GOLDWIN Touring後行李包 78

I was riding a Motorcycle with a Top case before but purchased for the loading of Camping touring as a result of transferring Motorcycle.I decided on this by comparing Seat bags of various Size, Desig...

GOLDWIN 後座包 28

Old type (GSM17900) Although I used it, the capacity of the lower row was small and usability was not good, but the new model (GSM17600) The capacity of the lower row increased and it became easier to...

GOLDWIN 運動型側行李箱(側箱)12

It is just right for this Motorcycle with very low loadability such as RC 390.First of all, Large does not rub. This does not bother Smallness of the Rear seat and Balance of the Style which is a feat...

GOLDWIN 標準後座包 8

I bought a new Motorcycle replacement and loaded a little baggage. Until now I have used Goldwin's old Seat bag and Moto fizz made Seat bag, but Quantity : 2pc It is quite troublesome to fix to Se...

GOLDWIN 後座包 28

It is installed and used in NINJA 400R. Originally since the luggage does not enter at all Motorcycle, we did not buy souvenirs at Touring destination, but by buying this Back, we were able to enjoy t...


In the SS and STREETFIGHTER of Small Sana Tandem seat, when it comes to loading stably only with the Belt of Seat bag, it will naturally become a Small Seat bag, but among them 28 L of Large capacity ...


good point- Design Style of Motorcycle too much Design!- The installation also uses Mark, so it can be mounted very easily.Even if it rains it is safe as it has Rain cover. The color of Cover is fluor...

GOLDWIN X型安裝皮帶(束帶) 坐墊/馬鞍包用

This item was bought to stick to Seat when something suddenly becomes a package at the destination.Making is solid, but it is a difficulty to look a bit crappy.It was very useful when I shopped Large ...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

Independently, it is dangerous to interfere with the operation of Lever.I installed the Lever Guard and fixed this product with Wire and put it in the proper place, it became possible to use it comfor...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

LEAD 125, NMAX, HORNET 250 and tried, it is not suitable for anything, it is scheduled to sell now, wind invasion is small and it is difficult for the running wind to be influenced is wonderful, but e...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

BMW R1200RSI use the material of Carbon Style on the Material side, but the material is too hard and the Lever operation is hard to change Large. Moreover, due to the recessed part of the top surface ...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

As a measure against cold in winter, I was looking for things like Knuckle guard, but I could not find anything that conforms to NINJA 1000...Although Handlebar Cover shunned with apparent image and I...

GOLDWIN 把手套 GSM19659

I thought that I could not use it from the top of the OEMHand guard, but as expected, the Grip end became an obstacle to drilling and not to close the Zipper.Since it is different from the regular ins...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

Whether I'm going to Grip heater or HeaterGloves I'm lost Winter Gloves was a place I bought last winter, so purchase this Aero Cover. Since the product introduction was the same type as Z1000...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

【What made you decide the purchase?】Compared to other Handlebar Cover, Design is excellent. Also, since the top is made of Hard Material, I liked it as if I got a Speed ??out there, I felt like gettin...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

I bought it with reference to Impre, but as I got it, I was glad I could buy it. (??????) ?It is easy to put in and take out by hand, too much wind is not included, it is a good feeling. (^。^)Easy to ...

GOLDWIN Aero Cover 護弓(把手防護)

It will be Han Cover that ultimately will arrive as a hand cold countermeasure. But, I'm awfully cool - - - What I thought I found this Aero Cover. With TRACER, you can not install it unless you r...