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Ranked 116 of 1,743 brands   電系零配件
(156 會員評論)

PROTEC handles electronic parts for vehicles such as gear position indicators or fuel meters.

PROTEC SPI-BS01 SPI系列用 儀錶固定座

This little bracket is great for installing little stuffs. I normally buy this to put a voltmeter or a USB charge on my handlebar. The package comes with a steel plate, a cable tie, and a custom rubbe...

PROTEC SPI-M05 檔位指示器套件 Super Cub 50/90 Little Cub

For models that do not have a vehicle speed sensor, the possibility of reading error is likely to occur. Even though contacting the Manufacturer and adjusting the position of the magnet several tens o...

PROTEC LB-HS1 LED Headlight Bulb

I bought it for Z125Brown something melted on the LED part of the first item arrivedObjection I put it in, "I got it immediately with Dust" ThatIt means that we exchanged for newInstallation...

PROTEC HS-K37 Shift Position Indicator Vehicle Exc...

Although I previously thought that Shift indicator for Ninjya 400 for PROTEC is the same as I thought it is the same, the difference in Meter arrangement was in the Garage nearly half a year.However, ...

PROTEC LB7-BSR LED Headlight Bulb Kit

Because it is Exclusive Design by vehicle type, I think whether it fits in SMART or Controller is fixed in Frame with Double-sided Tape and Tie Wrap. The Tie Wrap is also anxious about Size and heat r...

PROTEC SPI-H18 檔位指示器套件 NC700X 12- 専用

Because the engine speed of the NC 700X is low, I thought that I wanted the shift position from a long time ago. (The latest type will appear in the meter so it will not be a problem, but crying) In t...

PROTEC BIKE用 檔位指示器 SPI-110

When you see products you arrive, Small Paper. But actually wearing it seems a bit Large and thick?That's why visibility is good.Regarding the installation, the Harness according to the type of ve...

PROTEC Cyclone LED頭燈 燈泡套件

Halogen's Yellow Unlike the sexy color, I feel Motorcycle has become new with Refreshing White. It is bright enough to worry that oncoming vehicles are not dazzling.As the number of Couplers incre...

PROTEC SPI-M10 檔位指示器

Because the Cable set is complete with the product exclusively for vehicles, tools for Line etc etc. I do not need anything. The picture of Instruction Manual is former Grom, but WiringCableetc. There...

PROTEC SPI-K69 檔位指示器套件 ZRX 1200 DAEG 09- 専用

PositionIndicator is not attached so purchase. Easy to understand installation method.Wiring suffers from the installation location as it is coming out from underneath. Visibility is normal and it doe...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

It is the same as the overall review. Alarm was very convenient and less erroneous operation from the first purchase until 1 year and 5 months. However, the day the malfunction sounds continues everyd...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

I bought this item because my motorcycle has no crime prevention function at all. I think that installation is easy if it is well maintained. Also, if you purchase at the moment, it is not a Screw typ...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

Body is first compact.If so, you can install it on various models.Just connect Battery's Plus, Minus and Attachment power supply to Body's Wiring.After that I connect Speaker and LED Pilot lam...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

I purchased it before and it is the installation of the second one.Set can also be set with Main key, so key does not increase and it is good. Recently it is safe to leave Motorcycle for about a littl...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

I used a secure OEM, but I am too obtuse, so try it out.It seems to be 3G sensing, Alarm sounds when there is a change in Set position Spec..Although it is nonresponsive to fine vibrations, it is not ...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

As a countermeasure against theft of MONKEY, I searched variously, I decided on this product with reference to Impre. Installation is easy if the position is decided. Although the previous one seems t...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

I opened it to install it, but look at the Instruction Manual "Is it impossible for me?" And I think that I would like to ask a contractor. For those who can install it yourself, I think Gol...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

I did not care because it was indoor storage at home, but I got out more at Motorcycle, I was concerned about theft outside the house and Prank, I decided to install an alarm machine.The installation ...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

【What made you decide the purchase?】Magazines and impres etc. , I had a sense of security.It also means that it was possible to operate it only by operating the Main key.【How was it actually used?】It ...

PROTEC CS-550M 摩托車用防盜警報器

Sensor's response is also nice.It is easy and easy to install NAKED.Installation work is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.It is convenient because you can set by just turning ON and OFF the key.