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Ranked 145 of 1,743 brands   車身用包包・行李箱(尾箱)
(87 會員評論)

You will surely satisfy with the quality level of SHAD rear box. Their functionality matured in the European market is superior. It is a top case which will be loved even by discerning motorcycles users.

SHAD SH48 Top Case

GIVE was considering purchasing, but since it can be opened and closed without using the key, we decided to purchase, as impressions we used, it is easy to make as well as usability and very satisfied...

SHAD Exclusive Color Panel for SH48

Although I was uneasy to install, I was able to attach firmly well, but I used it for a while, but I am satisfied with no floating.

SHAD SH26 Top Case Black

For the first time, I installed the Top case. Small It is a little, but it was Large enough to put rain gear and items not wanting to get wet.. A little Case itself seems to be distorted, but there is...

SHAD Base Plate SH26/SH29/SH33

I purchased thought to use the same Box by two units. There is no problem in Base itself, but I thought that the set of exclusive use for mounting was also Set. I thought of what to do, but gold items...

SHAD SH40後行李箱 黑

Because it is used for YBR 125, I thought that the biggest hurdle to the extent that there was no sense of incompatibility, and as a result the capacity was set to 40 liters. Even though things are go...

SHAD SH29 Top Case Black

When purchasing the same item the last time, if you install Case on Base, Lever will not move as it rubs against Case and had to deal with the side of Lever and coped with it. It may be that the varia...

SHAD SH29 Top Case Black

Installation and Instruction Manual are difficult to understand, I thought the method of locking the box was difficult to understand due to lack of explanation, I thought it was a bad product, I gave ...

SHAD SH40後行李箱 黑

At the end of last year 10R (SS) To 14 R (MS) change to. I reviewed the model which my wife and Tandem can do and replaced it.Considering loading and Backrest, we installed Top case. Since the upper p...

SHAD SH29 Top Case Black

Spaceretc. Even if you do not prepare, you can Firmly fix it with attached attachment Parts.If you are concerned about Wound to Carrier, I think that you can paste Rubber or thick cloth on Double - si...

SHAD SH40後行李箱 黑

I used this Manufacturer 's SH 29 for many years, but it was a bit hard for Touring for one night, so I bought more on SH 40. (Since I read 29 of others on 40 pedestals, I read another one's r...

SHAD zulupack Waterproof Small Bag

Waterproof Specification so I bought this product. I think that there is no problem with prevention. Wallet and Small things come in as it is and it is useful. As a result of about 10 days of use, fra...