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品牌 gaerne
 商品編號 : 2393013280
(46 會員評論)
定價: 1,520.64 HKD (21,600 日幣)
點數: 216pt (1%)
稍後再確認 稍後再確認
Color: Brown
Size : 23. 5-28. 5cm (Increments of 5mm)
Exterior : Synthetic leather (Synthetic leather) * There is no in Waterproof, but there is water-repellent to Material itself.
Interior : Polyester mesh
Sole : Rag sole (Vibram Co., Ltd.)
Standard Equipment : Inner Sole
weight : 680g(26. 5cm one foot min)
Foot Put Height : 15. 0cm(26. In the case of 5cm)
Wooden mold : Japanese private wooden use

Sunny holiday, go out at the moment of Omoita'!
Vibram sole, Aluminum buckles equipment, new Shift guard that is provided on both feet, New Tough gear with improved mobility and Fashion of by a wide range of Shirring processing.
BootsBody is light, soft, and care even simple Micro fiber made. Protection also thorough in High cutBody and thermoforming Fiber built-in covering the ankle. Now comfortable in a more hygroscopic in excellent interior material. Vibram - I think through the Large nature down the Motorcycle will Shingo walk to remain in the Rag sole.
In Sneakers precarious, too defensive in OffBoots. At that time, about to leave for the moment that Omoita' in comfortably put it Tough gear.

Using the synthetic leather called Micro fiber with the texture of leather in Material, it has become a high-quality finish in the manufacturing technology and excellent polite sewing should be called a tradition of GAERNE.
Micro fiber is soft Material : As Real LeatherBoots "Break-in" The without the need, you can enjoy the comfort and comfortable from the day I bought. Also, it is easy to clean.
Boots Shirring processing that has been subjected to a wide range from the rear to the ankle improves the motility, allows you to Smooth a Step work.


We are using the interior material of excellent Polyester mesh quick-drying.
Therefore, to prevent the summer of stuffiness, I do not feel the discomfort when you continue to wear for a long time.
Protection in the heel and toe and a built-in heat molding Fiber is thorough.

アジャスタブルアルミバックル[AdjustableAluminum buckles]

Material : Equipped with AdjustableBuckle of Aluminum. In addition to the fine-tuning of 3mm unit in a conventional Strap side, can be adjusted in two stages 8mm in Lever side. Buckle base is also a two-step (22mm movement) The Screw hole so that it can be adjusted because it is available in, you can perfect tailored to your feet.


Adopted Vibram Co. Rag sole of trust. Been exhausted thinking Block pattern is OutdoorShoes the same etc. Of exhibit Grip force, you also can walk comfortably in any road surface.

■ One point ad Vise
I will post your purchased Tough gearSeries each part of the adjustment methods and their own, such as suits remodeling way to the foot find helpful One point ad Vise.
We are pleased to introduce you how to deal with when you did not have it and the trouble that known until now.
[Strap adjustment method of AdjustableBuckle]
To conform to the shape of your own feet, the length of the Strap has become to like can be adjusted.
If you are tight Strap is shorter by about 3mm if pushed forward. (Figure 1)
If you extend the Strap, lifting forward as away from the teeth of the Ratchet of Strap Holder, as it is Slide, please stop at the position that fit their feet. (Fig. 2 - 3)
- Wear, when to replace the Strap in damage, lifting forward the Strap as shown in FIG. 2, it should be pulled out as it is. When mounting the new Strap, please put the Strap in the direction shown in FIG. 1.
Into the hole on the inside of the Strap Holder from entering the tip of the Strap is hang. Replace Parts is here.

[Ankle thickness adjustment method (Buckle method of relocation)]
If the ankle even when the length adjustment of Strap is tight, should be addressed in the following manner.
足首の太さ調整方法 (バックルの移設方法)
- It is possible to relocate the Buckle If you feel the ankle is tight. The Buckle base, offers a Nut mounting in advance three places. Please fix the Buckle before two places Remove the Buckle.
- Always make a tightening of the Screw is before you use, make sure that the Buckle has been properly fixed.
-You might also Screw during transport is loosened the case of new. Once Please check before use.

作動の硬いバックルレバーの対処方法[What to do hard BuckleLever of working]

- New at the time might Buckle is hard. At that time, familiar and fast and then a small amount applied to Grease to rubbing against the part of the base and the Buckle pedestal of the protruding portion and the Lever of two places Lever fits.

タフギア(ビブラムソール)のシフトペダル対処方法[Shift Pedal how to deal with Tough gear (Vibram sole)]

- Tough gear (Vibram sole) Might be difficult to Shift for Sole is thick. In that case, by adjusting the phosphorus Gauge of Motorcycle, please slightly raise the Shift Pedal.

ソール交換[Sole exchange]

- Be replacing the Sole of Tough gear from Vibram sole to Flat sole can not be for the shape of the Sole is different. Similarly Tough gear - The Sole of Flat from Flat can not be exchanged to the Vibram.
- The same type of Sole exchange is possible to do. Tough gear same Vibram sole from Vibram sole of, Tough gear - Exchange from the Flat of Flat sole to the same Flat sole Can you.

防水性についてAbout Waterproof resistance]

- Tough gear, Tough gear - There is no Waterproof property in Flat. However, since the Material of Micro fiber has a water-repellent, Shinoge also in the sudden rain when it was a short period of time.
- Please use the OverSocks and Boots cover the Riding in the rain.

お手入れ方法[How to care]

- Care of Micro fiber, please drop the dirt by wiping with a cloth usually soaked in a neutral detergent. Please drop the detergent in the subsequent damp water wipe Towel.
- Is fine if I have to wash If dirty violently in mud. In that case, please wash a little mixed with neutral detergent. Rinse it well with you dropped the dirty water.
Please shade when drying is. You may want to pull out the early moisture stuffed with such newspaper in the. Do not forcibly dried in such as Dryer and the sun also wrong.

インナーソール[Inner Sole]

- Inner Sole, which is equipped with is made on the assumption to basically use. Because Size we can so as to Fit to more leg separately made of molded Felt, it is recommended that you use. In addition, if there is a favorite of Inner Sole is fine even if you use it it.

*Please note the color of the product might be different from the actual product.
*It contains other color in the photo.
*It is not waterproof but the material itself is a water repellent.
*Tough gear uses Japanese footpeg, but the width is tight for adhesion because of the sole. As for size selection, we are choosing a size larger than 0.5cm for shoes sneaker size usually, 1.0cm for wide people.


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