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Hyper 加大缸徑套件305cc

定價: 7,148.2 HKD (103,000 日幣)
定價: 6,054.94 HKD (87,247 日幣)
1,093.26 HKD (15%)
賺取Webike點: 872pt (1%)
商品抵達我們海外倉庫的時間 : 內1一個月。

HONDA CRF250L (MD38-1000001)

發動機排量 : 305cc
孔徑 : 84mm
壓縮率 : 13 。 0 : 1
鑽孔套件305cc,運動凸輪軸,FI CON2 (注塑控制器)

* 細節
超大鑽孔套件是一個很好的價格的工具包,其中包括大鑽孔套件305cc,體育凸輪軸,繪制OEM缸蓋的性能和FI CON2 (注塑控制器) 校正燃燒條件的誤差,並提取大口徑和運動凸輪軸的最大功率 。
這個套件不僅為您提供一套零件,而且還提供它們在良好的價格 。

它是一個大口徑套件,使您能夠通過更換汽缸和活塞將發動機排量容積改為305cc 。
氣缸采用陶瓷電鍍鋁,其氣密性,耐用性和散熱性優良 。 氣缸的制造采用封閉甲板法(前者) : 開放甲板方法),使其更加剛性 。 此外,通過增加氣缸水套的容量,它保護發動機免受過熱 。
氣缸的油管具有噴油結構,其將油直接噴射到氣缸的內壁 。 因此它可以有效地潤滑和冷卻發動機 。
缸體具有安裝孔和水溫度傳感器 。
目標溫度傳感器 : PT1 / 8

鍛造活塞 : 通過采用用於賽車發動機的特殊鍛造材料,其確保剛性同時使其重量輕 。
孔徑 : 84mm 壓縮率 : 13 。 0 : 1

[FI CON2(注射控制器)]
它是一個SP TAKEGAWA原始點火控制器,其設置可以通過簡單地更改身體的開關,而無需任何繁瑣的數據輸入通過計算機 。
它集成了各種3D校正圖,這些圖被設置為與SP TAKEGAWA定制部件匹配,並且可以根據車輛規格 。
此外,所結合的地圖的暗度可以通過主體上的旋轉開關精確地調節 。
FI CON2不僅修正燃油噴射量,而且允許使用超過ECU車輛的ECU REV極限,直到12000rpm 。
由於REV旋轉限制將被緩和,它也可以用於OEM規格的車輛 。
FI CON2帶有獨特的線束,可以最小的接線過程安裝 。

*發動機排量將超過250cc 。
*用於閉路 。
*雖然您可能超過OEM ECU的REV旋轉限制,但使用它與自我責任,它偏離了OEM標准 。
* FI-CON2的操作僅在正式銷售為日本車型的車輛上得到確認 。
* FI CON2(05-04-0015)用於CFT250L 。 。 對CRF250M的操作尚未確認,因此不包括在應用程序列表中 。
自H 。 一世 。 D 。 其他品牌的套件將在數字電路上產生高電壓噪聲,避免與此部分一起使用 。 這將是故障或故障的原因 。
其他品牌的點火裝置由於點火電壓增加會產生輻射噪聲,並將成為故障或故障的原因 。 請不要使用它們 。
Engine Displacement: 305cc
Bore Diameter: 84mm
Compression Ratio: 13.0: 1
[Product Contents]
Bore Up Kit 305cc, Sport Camshaft, FI CON2 (Injection Controller)

* Details
Hyper big bore kit is a good priced kit which includes Big Bore Kit 305cc, sports camshaft that draws out the performance of OEM cylinder head, and FI CON2 (injection controller) that corrects the error of combustion condition and draws out the maximum power of big bore and sports camshaft.
This kit not only provides you with a set of parts but also offers them in good price.

[Big Bore Kit 305cc]
It is a big bore kit which enables you to change the engine displacement volume to 305cc by exchanging the cylinder and piston.
The cylinder adopts ceramic plated aluminum which excels at airtightness, durability, and heat dissipation. The manufacturing of cylinder adopts closed deck method (former: open deck method) to make it more rigid. Also by increasing the capacity of cylinder water jacket, it protects the engine from over heating.
The oil line of the cylinder has oil jet structure which injects the oil directly to the inner wall of the cylinder. It can therefore lubricate and cool the engine effectively.
The cylinder body has service hole to install the temperature sensor of water and oil thermometer.
Target temperature sensor: PT1/8

Forged piston: By adopting a special forged material used for racing engines, it secures rigidity while making it light weight.
Bore diameter: 84mm Compression ratio: 13.0:1

[FI CON2 (Injection Controller)]
It is a SP TAKEGAWA original ignition controller whose settings can be easily changed by simply changing the switch of the body without any tedious data entry through computer.
It integrates various 3D correction maps, which are set to match SP TAKEGAWA customization parts, and can be set according to vehicle specifications.
Also the darkness of the incorporated map can be precisely adjusted by the rotary switch on the body.
FI CON2 not only corrects the fuel injection amount but it also allows the use over ECU REV limit of OEM vehicles up till 12000rpm.
Since the REV rotation limit will be moderated, it can be used on OEM spec vehicles as well.
FI CON2 comes with an exclusive harness, and can be installed with minimum wiring process.

* Engine displacement volume will exceed 250cc.
* For closed circuits.
* Though you may be able to exceed the REV rotation limit of OEM ECU, use it with self-responsibility for it deviates from the OEM standards.
* The operation of FI-CON2 is confirmed only with vehicles officially sold as JAPAN models.
* FI CON2( 05-04-0015) is for CFT250L.. Operation on CRF250M is yet to be confirmed, and therefore, not included in the application listing.
Since H.I.D. kits of other brands will generate high voltage noise on the digital circuit, refrain from using it along with this part. It will be the cause of malfunction or trouble.
Ignition device of other brand will generate radiation noise due to ignition voltage increment, and will be the cause of malfunction or trouble. Please refrain from using them.
* 如果商品有附上說明書,說明內容有可能是日文的。
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