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YAMAHA MT-09 14-


稍後再確認 稍後再確認
Color: Graphite Black
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Surface Treatment: Hard Coat Processing
Size: Width 272mm x Height 353mm
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: Screen Body 210g, Included Parts 316g
Made in Japan
with Mounting Bracket (Cerakote Surface Treatment)
Compact in Stylish a Windscreen "WIND ARMOR" (WIN de Armour).
function - Design - Continue to stick to Material is, including the Exhaust System "Making things." Common to "YOSHIMURASpirits" Because there is.
The scenery that lies ahead of the road, we put our passion and soul "WIND ARMOR" Along with the...

- Excellent rectifying effect by the three-dimensional Forme in consideration of Aerodynamics. Listen Large to reduce fatigue of Rider contribution to you.
- In Combination with Screen and Exclusive Bracket with enhanced rigidity, less deflection even during high-speed driving, ensure a stable field of vision.
- Not only numerical analysis, performs a verification with the actual run test "Experience effect" It is the Screen that was also pursued.

- Further accentuate Aeroforme the Sporty of Design.
- Taking into account the sense of unity with the Machine, designed Forme and Balance from the Front mask the top in emphasis.
- It will produce a powerful Front mask without interfering with the visibility Large listen.
- Graphite black while suppressing the glare of the road surface, gives the Cool impression.
To WindshieldBody "YOSHIMURAWIND ARMOR" The Logo Laser marking.

[Material - quality】
- Material is Polycarbonate resin. This Material with a higher transparency is also employed for optical applications.
Windshield of thickness, and many, including the OEM Product is mainstream is more than 3mm, YOSHIMURAWIN de Armour has achieved the thinness 2mm by advanced molding technology. Thus, also in suppress Clear vision of the distortion in the top Small limit has been Large listen contribution.
- In order to increase the surface hardness, the Acrylic to Screen both sides as the main raw material was Hard court processed. There is the effect of the reduction and strength UP of Wound.
- SeraCoatPainted Bracket accessory is excellent in durability.
- WIND ARMOR dedicated Case containing.

[Polycarbonate resin]
AcrylicMaterial excellent in production efficiency : Among PlasticScreen often, temperature control at the time of molding in Yoshimura Japan have adopted dare Large strange difficult Polycarbonate resin.
What is the reason - -

(1) High safety
(2) Distortion less Clear vision
(3) It can be smooth and beautiful surface formation

● high safety
Polycarbonate resin is a Large strange unbreakable Material because it is excellent in flexibility on strong in shock.
Even when an emergency such as a fall, reducing the secondary damage to the Rider on the debris of the Screen to the top Small limit.
Material selection of YOSHIMURA is also taken into consideration of safety is an important Point.

● distortion less Clear vision
Advanced molding processing technology, and it is suppressing the strain on the top Small limit.
Field of view which is visible to Screen over, you can ensure a natural and Clear visibility there is no sense of discomfort due to strain.

● it can be smooth and beautiful surface formation
Less occurrence of distortion at the time of molding, and finish in beautiful Screen smooth in appearance.
* Because you are in favor of the rectification effect and meter position of the screen, please note it will be the ignition key is hard to turn slightly.
* The image is a prototype.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.


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