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WIN de Armour NK 風鏡

 車型 : 522-380-1000
定價: 1,737.5 HKD (25,000 日幣)
定價: 1,594.54 HKD (22,943 日幣)
142.96 HKD (8%)
Earn Webike Point: 1835pt (8%)
Shopping information

有存貨 在 製造商.

寄送日期 : 2017-07-30 Sun JST

YAMAHA MT-09 14-

顏色 : 石墨黑
材料 : 聚碳酸酯塑料
表面處理 : 硬塗層加工
尺寸 : 寬度272mm x高度353mm
厚度 : 2mm
重量 : 絲網體210g,包括零件316g
帶安裝支架 (Cerakote表面處理)
緊湊型時尚風擋“WIND ARMOR” (WIN de Armour) 。
功能 - 設計 - 繼續堅持Material是,包括排氣系統“做事情 。 “常見的”YOSHIMURASpirits“因為有 。
位於道路前方的風景,我們把我們的激情和靈魂“WIND ARMOR”與 。 。 。

- 考慮到空氣動力學,通過三維Forme出色的整流效果 。 聆聽大,以減少騎士對你的貢獻的疲勞 。
- 結合屏幕和獨特的支架,增強的剛度,即使在高速駕駛期間也少偏轉,確保穩定的視野 。
- 不僅數值分析,與實際運行測試“經驗效應”執行驗證是追求的屏幕 。

- 進一步強調Aeroforme的運動設計 。
- 考慮到與機器的統一感,設計的Forme和平衡從前面面具的頂部強調 。
- 它會產生一個強大的前面罩,而不會干擾可見性大聽 。
- 石墨黑色,同時抑制路面的眩光,給人的冷靜印象 。
到WindshieldBody“YOSHIMURAWIND ARMOR”標志激光標記 。

[材質 - 質量]
- 材料是聚碳酸酯樹脂 。 這種具有更高透明度的材料也用於光學應用 。
擋風玻璃的厚度,其中許多,包括OEM產品主流是超過3mm,YOSHIMURAWIN de Armour已通過先進的成型技術實現了薄2mm 。 因此,也在抑制清晰視覺上的失真在頂部小限制已經大聽收益 。
- 為了提高表面硬度,亞克力篩選雙面作為主要原料經硬面處理 。 有傷口的減少和強度UP的效果 。
- SeraCoatPainted支架配件耐用性極好 。

亞克力材料生產效率優異 : 在PlasticScreen中,在日本Yoshimura成型時的溫度控制采用了大膽奇怪的聚碳酸酯樹脂 。
是什么原因 - -

(1) 高安全性
(2) 失真少清晰視覺
(3) 它可以是光滑和美麗的表面形成

● 高安全性
聚碳酸酯樹脂是一種大的不可破裂的材料,因為它在強烈的沖擊下具有優異的柔韌性 。
即使當發生緊急情況例如跌倒,減少對騎手在屏幕上的碎片的二次傷害到頂部的極限 。
材料選擇也考慮了安全性是一個重要的要點 。

● 失真少清晰視覺
先進的成型加工技術,它抑制了頂部的應變小極限 。
屏幕可見的視野,你可以確保自然和清晰的可見性沒有由於緊張的不適的感覺 。

● 它可以是光滑和美麗的表面形成
在成型時較少出現變形,並且在美觀的畫面中完成外觀平滑 。
*由於您贊成整流效果和屏幕的儀表位置,請注意點火鑰匙很難輕微轉動 。
*圖像是一個原型 。
Color: Graphite Black
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Surface Treatment: Hard Coat Processing
Size: Width 272mm x Height 353mm
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: Screen Body 210g, Included Parts 316g
Made in Japan
with Mounting Bracket (Cerakote Surface Treatment)
Compact and Stylish Wind Screen "WIND ARMOR" (WIND ARMOR).
function · Design · What keeps sticking to Material is exhaust system and other "Making things" Common to "YOSHIMURASpirits" Because there is.
The scenery beyond that road was filled with our passion and soul "WIND ARMOR" With...

· Excellent rectification effect is demonstrated by 3-dimensional Forme considering Aerodynamics. Large contributes to Rider's fatigue alleviation.
· Combination between rigid Screen and Exclusive Bracket ensures stable deflection with less deflection even at high speeds.
· Verification is carried out not only by numerical analysis but also by actual running test "Bodily sensation effect" It is also the pursuit Screen.

· Aeroforme which further highlights Sporty's design.
· Considering the sense of unity with Machine, focusing on Forme and Balance from the top of the Front mask.
· I will produce a powerful Front mask without hindering Large viewing.
· Graphite black gives Cool impression while suppressing reflection of the road surface.
In Windshield Body "YOSHIMURAWIND ARMOR" Logo as Laser marking.

[Material · quality】
· Material is Polycarbonate resin. It is a material with high transparency enough to be adopted for optical applications.
Windshield's thickness is mainly 3 mm or more, including OEM Product, but YOSHIMURAWIND Armor achieves 2 mm in thickness with advanced molding technology. By doing so, keep distortion to the minimum Small limit [Color] Large contributes to the clear field of view.
· In order to increase the surface hardness, hard court processed with Acrylic as the main raw material on both sides of Screen. There is an effect of reduction of Wound and strength UP.
· The included Bracket is durable SeraCoatPainted.
· WIND ARMOR private Case included.

【Polycarbonate resin】
Acrylic Material excellent in production efficiency : Among many plastic screens, Yoshimura Japan is daringly adopting Polycarbonate resin, which is hard to change in temperature during molding process.
What is the reason · ·

(1) High safety
(2) Less distortion [Color] Clear view
(3) Smooth and beautiful surface formation possible

● High safety
Polycarbonate resin is resistant to shocks and is superior in flexibility, so it is a material that is hard to crack easily in Large.
Even in the event of falls, etc., the secondary damage to the Rider exerted by Screen fragments will be kept to the smallest limit.
Yoshimura's material selection is an important point for safety considerations.

● Low distortion [Color] Clear view
By advanced molding process technology, strain is kept to the minimum Small limit.
The field of view seen through the screen is natural without distortion due to distortion [Color] You can secure a clear view.

● Smooth and beautiful surface formation possible
Less occurrence of distortion at molding, finished in a smooth and beautiful Screen as it looks.
*Please note that the ignition key is slightly difficult to rotate because we prioritize the screen rectification effect and the meter position.
*The product on the photo is a prototype.
* 如果商品有附上說明書,說明內容有可能是日文的。
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    WIN de Armour NK 風鏡 YOSHIMURA
    對應: YAMAHA MT-09 14-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14-

    Yoshimura wind armor

    Posted Feb 13, 2017
    ttw (2)Malaysia

    As always,webike did a great job on shipping.fast and accurate.i choose yoshimura wind armor mainly beacuse i can relocate the meter to the centre and it make it easier for me to read the rpm when im sitting up right.the build quality are awesome,thin polycarbonate but it works,Tested on the freeway At 220kmh ,the wind dont pull as hard as 160kmh ...